Embajada en Estados Unidos

Bilateral Political Relations

Bilateral political relations between Argentina and the United States started 190 years ago and are based on shared principles and common interests. There is a broad agenda of bilateral and multilateral cooperation with the U.S. over many fields including human rights, defense, science and technology, energy, including nuclear energy, non-proliferation and research for peaceful and scientific purposes.

The year 2016 marks an eventful time for Argentina and the United States’ bilateral relations. Since President Macri took office in December 2015, it has become a priority of Argentina’s foreign policy to strengthen relationships with all countries and building on the historical and deep roots that have traditionally brought together Argentina with its long-established partners of the international community.

In this context, President Obama visit to Argentina last March -the first bilateral visit to Argentina by a U.S. President in almost two decades-, constituted a very significant demonstration of the interest placed by the administration. President’s Obama visit, together with those of many other international leaders since the beginning of President’s Macri administration, are a true reflection of our shared desire to resume a path of openness, willingness and mutual trust within the international community at large.

During the visit, both presidents explored opportunities to strengthen the bilateral relationship and partnerships to face global challenges such as climate change, drug trafficking, peacekeeping, refugees, and the defense of human rights and democracy, to mention but a few. To confront these and other transnational issues, Argentina and the US agreed to hold a high-level policy dialogue during this year, and to work together to combat organized crime and drug trafficking. The visit also triggered further bilateral cooperation in a number of areas of mutual interest, including defense and security, among others.

On space issues, there is a solid relationship with NASA, having even jointly launched and placed in orbit 4 earth observation satellites. In addition, ongoing cooperation and work at bilateral and multilateral level is being undertaken on human rights issues, with particular emphasis on the LGBT agenda in which Argentina is proud to be one of the pioneers. Also worth highlighting is the cooperation and exchanges in education, Argentina being the third regional destination for US university students (after México and Costa Rica).

The bilateral agenda also builds on the importance of further strengthening the ties between other branches of government and society as well as provinces and municipalities. In this regard, interaction is specially promoted among members of the legislative and judicial branches, civil society players, business community, NGOs, universities, think tanks and centers focused on analysis of both countries. Cultural and scientific bilateral exchanges are also actively fostered.


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